Global Village Academy – Fort Collins


Fort Collins, CO


Slaterpaull — Adelle Willson


52,500 SF


August 2015


Design/Build New Construction

In January of 2014, Global Village Academy’s CEO, Christina Burton, called us with a problem. The developer, Highmark School Development, and their out-of-state builder were 20% above budget, and the project was about to be abandoned less than eight months before the school needed to open. Within two weeks of this call, we had established a new design approach and agreed to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) that accommodated their budget constraints. Consultants worked quickly to develop construction drawings, and by March 15, 2014 we began work with a foundation permit.  On August 18, 2014, the school opened with a new 24,000 SF, two-story facility. The school filled up quickly, and we are currently progressing with a 28,500 SF addition that includes a full-size gymnasium. 

Faurot Construction was such a large part of building Global Village Academy.  They worked closely with us from the programming to construction phases, always exhibiting the highest levels of professionalism, sensitivity to school needs and craftsmanship.  By the third phase of our build out, we were able to come in under budget given their willingness to find quality, but cost effective options.  Renovation — while often a stressful undertaking, was for GVA, a seamless process, managed with finesse and expertise.  We would recommend Faurot to any other charter or traditional school without hesitation.”



“During the past four years Global Village Academies have worked with many leading contractors as our network has grown from one K-8 school to five with an additional nine preschools.  They have consistently provided on-time delivery at or below budget and have proven time and again that they truly understand school construction and the demanding challenges that Charter schools face.  As Colorado’s fastest growing network of charter schools, Global Village has had to the opportunity to work with multiple contractors on a variety of projects. I can honestly say that we count on Faurot as our primary source to deliver projects on time, on budget, and with minimal disruptions or change orders.” —Terry Gogerty; Chief Operating Officer, Global Village Academies